The Tefft Papers

The Tefft Family and the Narragansett Controversy

The Bloody Townships

Major David McLane,a gifted housewright of Providence, Rhode Island and Major during in the Revolutionary War 
built one of the first coffee houses in America. 
After the mysterious deaths of his first three wives,
David married Joanna DeEechant of France on July 19, 1794 
at the First Congregational Church of Providence. Years of living the High Life soon came to an end. 
His business collapsed and with many creditors after him, he took his wife Joanna's advice and became involved 
in the Jacobin plot to overthrow the established governments
of North Amerca, starting with the rule of Canada. He was caught, tried and convicted for High Treason,
and executed for the same, the only person in Canadian history to suffer such a fate: 
To be hanged, drawn& quartered. A sorrowful record indeed