The Tefft Papers

The Tefft Family and the Narragansett Controversy

About 2006, Joe Newton and I set out to find the Peter Tefft Cemetery. This was no easy task. First we needed to locate the Peter Tefft property in North Stonington, CT. Using land evidence records, old maps, and spending the better part of the day hiking through corn fields, we at last came upon an unprotected fieldstone cemetery in the middle of one of the fields. Fortunately, some years ago, someone had the foresight to put an engine block on the cemetery to keep the farm tractors from completely obliterating the cemetery. As it was, much of the cemetery has now been destroyed. Our initial survey did not identify any inscriptions on any of the stones. However, our inspection was by no means complete. I suspect the location of his home may be the current farmhouse on the property.